About us

Noble Millwork is a premier millwork manufacturer in Baja California with extensive experience fabricating custom stile and rail doors, lift-and-slide doors, bi-fold doors, and windows for commercial and residential projects of all sizes and styles. The wide variety of work we have successfully completed has allowed us to develop the master craftsmanship and expertise to take on the most challenging custom designs. In addition to manufacturing custom wood window and door products, Noble Millwork has been producing top-quality commercial millwork for more than two decades. Fully insured and bondable, we have the resources to handle any job you bring to our attention. Whether it is a single entry door or a complete millwork package for a luxury resort, our team can meet your project requirements. We possess over 100 years of combined experience managing our Tijuana facility, and we utilize the latest technology to ensure that your project will be handled efficiently and your schedule met.

Technology We Use

Noble Millwork operates out of a more than 100,000 square feet manufacturing facility. In order to meet and exceed quality and efficiency goals, we invested in state of the art woodworking machinery such as rip saws, molders, panel saws nested based CNC and a 5axis P2P CNC. Some of our equipment was custom built to our own specifications and imported from Germany, a country known for its world class woodworking equipment. Our CAD/CAM and self-developed ERP software, enables us to design products virtually and create manufacturing data with the click of a button. Production information is created for the different work cells and barcoding from raw material into the assembly areas assures the most efficient work flow.

How do we do it

We are with you from step one, from the onset of the project to the very end and every step in between. Our team of project managers is there to assist you on important decisions and answer any questions you may have. Our logisitcs team will be sure the project runs smoothly and ensure that deadlines are met with the utmost quality. The manufacturing process is almost completely automated using the highest quality german machines while being overseen and operated by our skilled craftsman and techinicians.

How We Sustain It

Our Promise to the Environment

When a customer decides to work with Noble Millwork, you can be sure that you are working with a company that is committed to responsible business practices and products that are environmentally friendly as well as cost effective.

Our manufacturing plant recycles more than 90% of our waste products; We collect sawdust and wood chips to convert them into plywood sheets used for construction. We are commmited to a sustainable and green future.

What advantages do we have?

Advantages of Wood Windows and Doors over Aluminum

Wood is a renewable natural resource, used throughout human history as a building material because of its durability, aesthetic appeal and ability to generate an atmosphere of warmth and richness to an interior space. According to the Temperate Forest Foundation, wood reduces energy costs, providing almost 2000 times the insulation of aluminum. We use only FSC certified wood in our windows and doors which come from sustainable sources.

According to the Association of Manufacturers of Windows and Doors (WDMA): "Wood stands the test of time, it does not decompose naturally as many people believe and in fact has been found well preserved in 2,000-year-old structures."

The wood in the historic buildings have lasted for centuries, a testament to the incredible durability of the wood. Before the 1920s, wood was virtually the only window frame available. Today, the most common reasons for replacing wooden frame windows are not due to structural or material failures, but rather to reseal the window or to replace panes of glass.